Russell Maddock' | About
More then 50 years of Art and Photography.
The earliest art influences in my life had to do with my mother taking us to the great museums in New York City, as we lived in New Jersey, just across the bay.

Next was my Aunt May and her daughter, my cousin Mary, whom lived in Elizabeth New Jersey and went to Rutgers University. Mary sometimes took me to art classes, while baby sitting and kept me still by making me one of the models for the art class. Soon after I was drawing and painting in the class instead of modeling for the class. It was the first time an adult took notice of my art and drawing and I was eight.
After that this boy drew and for Christmas and Birthday presents I received, "How to Drawing" books, from Santa and Mom and Dad. My grandfather Alfred lived with us and he taught me some calligraphy and what a beautiful handwriting could look like. For as a young man he was a Calligrapher and a Master Carpenter. As a teenager I drew portraits, hands, planes, spaceships and did marriage certificates of boys and girls going steady for 25 cents. Hotrods, Monster Art, cartoons and Graphics came next as I did my first mural art on front rooms and bathroom walls for Arizona developers in the Valley of the Sun at sixteen.
Before graduating high school I had won some state awards, but when graduating high school in Phoenix, Arizona I graduated with three scholarships in Art, one of those the University of Kansas Art Institute at Lawrence. However a deep belief of service to country would have me in the United States Navy and cameras came next. While off the coast of Viet Nam, China and the Philippines I drew and photographed and for the first time, what I saw with a camera I could now save and make better with pencil and ink. Cameras, darkrooms, graphics and art skills all started to come together when naval service ended and work for a camera and darkroom lab started.
My bride these past 41 years is Louise Ruth McGinnis Maddock a local girl (a Collage High Wildcat) from Bartlesville and we have lived in Bartlesville these past 33 years. I work for Bryan & Little CPA’s, just east of the corner of 5th and Cherokee in Bartlesville as the Computer Network Administrator. I have been with Bryan & Little these past fourteen years and before that was co-owner of WEMCO Inc., a computer store in Bartlesville , Oklahoma, for twenty years.
The last ten years has mostly been photography, while I still draw with pencil, ink and India ink. My photography has been mixed with digital painting and an emphasis on digital painted and graphic arts with some photo restoration projects. I believe the Bartlesville Art Association is one of the best organizations in Oklahoma for artists of any type and any level, a perfect place for a start. Bartlesville is a wonderful place. For the size of our city we have more I believe than any other city in the United States. We have more good people, more involvement and more beautiful architecture. I love the fact that more restoration to our older buildings is taking place. For our size we just have more!
Yes, the Bartlesville, Oklahoma photo book I authored and I was honored as the OKMozart Poster Artist for 2012. The fully published book “Bartlesville OKLAHOMA” is a 44 page book, coffee table type 12” hard cover book. It features a lot of the best of Bartlesville, with pictures of all seasons. It will be for sale come the last week in September 2012 throughout Bartlesville. It is pictured here on my home page as the featured album. Thanks for visiting.